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Elysian Pre-Release Invite Competition! Over $750 in Prices!

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Hello Everyone!

In the upcomming days we'll be hitting you guys/chicks with a couple competitions!

As you may already know, bringing hype to the server discord really bring in a lot more people. People will wonder what's everything about.
This is why we're launching a Discord Invite Competition.

We would love to stand out from other servers, and launch with an explosion - for this we need your help.
We are doing everything in our power to give the best content on release, but we need your help to create a strong community.

Normal players will not compete vs. YouTubers or Staff. YouTubers have their own seperate Invite competition.

Competition Ends: 

1th December 00:00 (12PM) GMT+2


1. Fake Invites

  • We have a bot in our discord tracking everyone's invites. This bot will also flag when an invite appear suspicious or to be a fake account (newly created accounts may be flagged, don't worry about this - some false positives are common). If you're trying to superficially boost your invites, you will be diqualified.


2. Multiple Accounts

  • You are not allowed to invite multiple accounts of your own or owned by others. We don't want roockie numbers; 1 account = 1 player.


3. Spam

  • Do not advertise Elysian discord/server on other Servers/Discord servers. If you own a discord server of your own with a community, feel free to drop a link there. We do not want any "beef" with other RSPS', this market is already hostile enough without people using other servers as advertising platforms. We respect our competitors and hopefully they give us the same respect.


How do I Participate?

Step #1.
- Join the Discord Server here: JOIN HERE,


Step #2.
Create your own invite link.


Step #3.
Edit your invite link.


Step #4.
Set the link to never expire and have no limit to the numbers of users.


Step #5.
Send this newly generated link to those you would like to invite to our community.
This invite will now be linked to your discord.


Normal Players

1st Place:
- 50$ PayPal
- 100 Donator Points
- 5x Super Mystery Boxes

2nd Place:
- 100 Donator Points
- 3x Super Mystery Boxes
- 2x Mystery Boxes

3rd Place:
- 50 Donator Points
- 1x Super Mystery Box
- 2x Mystery Box



1st Place:
- 100$ PayPal

2nd Place:
- 75$ PayPal

3rd Place:
- 50$ PayPal

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